Wellness Room

Wellness Room

We know that half of all mental health conditions have started by age 14, with one in seven young people aged 4 to 17 years experiencing a mental health condition in any given year. As such, it is critical that we deliver proactive, prevention-focused mental health support from an early age.

Marmion Primary School Wellness Room is a designated space intentionally structured to help students pause and to learn strategies to manage emotions and behaviours. It is also used on a weekly basis to target identified students with anxiety issues through the Mindful Me program. The Wellness Room has been specifically designed to include comfortable seating, special lighting, soft music, soothing wall colours, a rug to create a calming environment, posters with uplifting messages, fidgets and sensory items.

In conjunction with the Wellness Room every classroom implements a specific mindful activity every day from 1:40pm until 2:05pm. Staff have undergone training with Mindfulness Australia to ensure they are equipped with the tools to specifically teach effective mindfulness strategies.

It’s important to note that social and emotional learning is an identified priority as outlined in the Western Australian curriculum under Personal and Social capabilities which involves students learning to recognise and regulate emotions, develop empathy for others, make responsible decisions and learn to handle challenging situations.

At Marmion Primary School we prioritise every student’s social and emotional development.

Providing a nurturing, inclusive and
safe learning environment for all.