Our Vision


Marmion Primary School is an Independent Public School with a reputation for consistently providing quality learning opportunities that enable students to achieve their personal best. We pursue academic excellence and have a clear focus on the social and emotional needs of all students. Our experienced and dedicated staff provide high quality learning programs that cater for the individual needs of all kindergarten to Year 6 students. Community and parental support at Marmion Primary School contribute significantly in enhancing these learning opportunities where there is:

  • a culture of ensuring students learn and improve,
  • the latest digital technology is used to support learning,
  • Child centred focus
  • Ongoing professional learning for all staff
  • A commitment to community partnerships.

We are committed to making a difference for every student in every classroom, every day by providing a learning environment where children feel safe, valued and confident to tackle academic and personal challenges. We believe that all community members play a valuable role in the life of the school, building a culture that supports excellence.

Providing a nurturing, inclusive and
safe learning environment for all.


We implement a wholistic approach where every student will become a lifelong, self-motivated learner, achieving their highest potential in order to (thrive in a global society) contribute positively to society.

Our Mission

Is to enable all learners’ access to learning through the provision of:

  • differentiated, progressive, cohesive and innovative learning programs
  • highly effective teachers
  • a quality inclusive learning environment
  • enriching, engaging resources
  • opportunities for community and parents to participate.
  • focus on Character Strengths
  • whole child focus
  • student voice is valued