Character Strengths



Having a go when they find something challenging
Standing up for what they believe in
Admitting when they are wrong
Stepping out of their comfort zone
Not giving in to peer pressure


Completing all tasks with enthusiasm
Motivating others to complete tasks
Asking questions
Responding to feedback


Taking responsibility for their actions
Speaking the truth respectfully
Encouraging honesty in others


Always trying their personal best
Willing to overcome obstacles
Seeking and responding to feedback



Supporting other students
Noticing students who are isolated and initiating play
Being happy and celebrating other people
Recognising strengths in others
Being strong for others
Taking turns, being tolerant and empathetic


Displaying random acts of kindness
Sharing equipment and materials
Engaging with peers
Doing something that helps another student
Being sensitive to the feelings of others


Willing to work with all classmates
Displays patience with all peers varied needs
Accepting differences
Respects peers, opinions, beliefs and ideas
Thoughtful when speaking to peers



Taking turns
Listening to everyone
Using encouraging words
Accepting roles and responsibility
Goal orientated
Accepts challenges


Strong model to others
Uses initiative
Is encouraging and empathetic
Makes the right decision not the easy one
Not a bystander


Follows the rules
Takes turn
Puts the needs of the group before their own
Uses manners
Active listener



Engage in play and initiate activities when needed
Expressing new and original ways to do things
Take risks. Explore new ideas
Not frightened to be different
Invent, change, innovate, reuse existing ideas and tools


Wants to learn more
Constantly asking questions
Demonstrates an interest in new topics
Takes learning beyond the classroom


Thinks outside the box
Reflects and understands two sides to a problem/argument
Listens/acknowledges ideas of others
Thinks before they act

Love of Learning

Positive about school experiences
Brings things in from home
Eager to engage in activities
Loves challenges
Eager to share knowledge and ideas

Open Mindedness

Welcome others ideas and opinions
Don’t judge others or situations
Happy to try new things and take risks
All ideas matter



Use manners. Greetings
Acknowledging positive aspects of the day
Acknowledging peers who offer assistance


Appreciates and acknowledges peers’ strengths
Inspired to create music, art, writing by what they have seen or hear
Enjoys nature


Can see the lighter side of a situation
Can laugh at themselves
Knows the appropriate time to make light-hearted comments


Displays positive thinking
Uses YET
Accepting obstacles or challenges with positive attitude
Sets goals and uses strategies to work towards achieving them

Self Control


Accepting a genuine apology
Giving others a second chance
Moves on from grudges and past issues


Demonstrating confidence without putting others down
Accepting positive feedback with grace
Acknowledging others efforts and success
Acknowledging others that enabled them to succeed


Shows restraint
Managing own issues
Name and acknowledge own feelings
Identify strategies to self-regulate

Extra Curricular

At Marmion Primary School we pride ourselves with developing the Whole Child. We cater for this by providing the following extra curricular activities –

Soccer​ Peer mentors​
Running club​ 1:1 iPads – Yrs 4 – 6​
Wood work​ String / brass musical lessons​
Choir (junior & senior)​ Organised lunch time sport​
Surfing​ Community clubs​
Beach swimming​ Edu dance​
Wellness time​

At Marmion Primary School we pride ourselves with developing the Whole Child. We cater for this by providing the following extra curricular activities –

    • Soccer​​
    • Running club​
    • Wood work
    • Choir (junior & senior)​
    • Surfing
    • Beach swimming​
    • Peer mentors
    • Wellness time​
    • 1:1 iPads – Yrs 4 – 6​
    • String / brass musical lessons​
    • Organised lunch time sport​
    • Community clubs​
    • Edu dance

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Navigating the school day

If you would like to know more about this outstanding school, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Visitors are most welcome and school tours will enable you to meet the friendly staff and wonderful students.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which our students live and are educated. The Whatjuk (Wadjuk) Noongar People. We wish to acknowledge and show respect for their elders, past, present, and emerging, for their continuing culture and the contributions they make to the life of our community, both now and in the past.