Student Uniform Policy

Student Uniform Policy

Marmion Primary School has a celebrated history and culture of high standards, academic excellence, and community partnership. Our school uniform reflects these standards, provides a sense of identity and belonging for our students and projects a positive image of our school in the local community.

Marmion Primary School asks caregivers to support students to make good decisions about how they present themselves at school or when representing their school, ensuring they are dressed appropriately and in line with the Uniform Policy. This supports the staff and allows students to focus on the important task of learning.
Our schools colours are Royal Blue and Gold (yellow).

The following items form our uniform.

*MPS shirt (long or short sleeved) Gold with MPS logo and printed collar
*MPS windcheater or zipjacket Royal Blue with MPSlogo
*Faction Polo shirts Dolphins (Blue) Sharks (Red) Stingrays (Green)Worn on classPE days (as advised by classroom teacher) and Carnival days
*Year 6 Poloshirt (optional) Royal Blue with MPS logoand printed collar
*Year 6 Leavers shirt(optional) Collared Royal Blue and Gold polo,chosen by thegraduating cohort and teachers.Only one designper year to bechosen.
Skort Royal Blue
Track pants or pants Royal Blue
Leggings Full length navy bluewith dress only.Leggings are notto be worn with skortsorshorts.
*Dress Shift blue checkedsummer dress
*Hat Royal Blue bucket hat with faction colour inner. To be worn for alloutsideactivities.
Socks Solid colour in white,navy or black.Brands, logos or patterns are not acceptable.Socks are to be mid calf lengthor shorter.
Footwear Enclosed footwear, preferably cross trainers, or sandals withankle strap. Thongs and slides are not acceptable. Plain shoes in white, navy or black arepreferredand encouraged.
Jewellery and wrist watches Small stud and sleeper earrings may beworn.Other jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and friendshipbands and larger earrings are not to be worn unless the Principal approves anexemption.

A watchmay be worn provided it fits firmly and is not excessively large. A Smart watch with mobile phoneconnectivity cannot be wornat school without approval from the Principal.

Makeup and nailpolish Makeup and coloured nail polish are not to be worn.
Hair Hair mustbe tied back when collarlength or longerto keep hair from falling over the shoulder or onto the face.Hair accessories shouldbe simple and in thefollowing colours:

Royal Blue, Gold,black, brown or MPS schooldress check fabric.

We are a sun smart school. No Hat, No Play applies all year round.

Items marked with * are MPS specific items, and must be purchased from our onsite Uniform Shop, or a second hand equivalent. The Uniform Shop also supplies most other school uniform items, though it is not compulsory for these to be purchased at the Uniform Shop. Provided the school colours are worn and the policy is complied with, caregivers can purchase from other suppliers. The Uniform Shop sells second hand items that are all acceptable for wearing at school.

Families who are unable to purchase uniform items for any reason are encouraged to contact the school to arrange support.

If a student does not comply with the policy the Principal will make contact with the caregiver to discuss and resolve any issues. The Principal will not apply suspensions, exclusions or prevent non-complying students from attending or participating in any school activity unless negotiated with the caregiver.